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Project Tracking Software


*Schema DDL
DDL Schema Diagram

*New Project Entry Hiding
Users can now choose to hide projects from the main tab.

*New Project Overview
This tab allows for a user to see all of the projects and developers assigned, or developers and projects assigned in one place.  

The option to export to a comma delimited file, ASCII text or send to the printer is also available to this tab.

Login (startup)

Pretty straight forward, put in a username and password and your off and running

The first tab shows the users projects, status and priority

The Second tab allows users to update project status and add development notes or comments.

Accessible only by the admin user. This tab allows new users to be added and project assigned to multiple developers
Look and Feel

Nothing more than eye-candy. It's stored locally so if  two devs use a single box there's going to be problems :) 

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